Winter 2017 Update — January

Some housekeeping for this Tuesday morning. The last morning of January. We’ve hit a patch in Publius Syrus’s sayings that hasn’t been particularly meaningful for me. So let’s go over a couple administrative items, and my hope is that tomorrow morning we’ll hit upon a new theme in the book of sayings out of which we’ve been working.

But let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to this Winter so far.

Producing Content — Writing

  • We’ve written 24 posts on Cynic philosophy, examining various sayings by the ancient Roman philosopher-slave Publius Syrus
  • We will continue along towards our vision of writing one post, six mornings per week, for all of Winter (or Q1, if you will) — each post going deep on a particular saying by Publius
  • For Spring (i.e., Q2), we will switch things up a bit — perhaps doing some writing in Spanish or Portuguese, or writing about Stoic philosophy instead

Producing Content — Streaming

  • We’ve done 13 music production streams this month — not bad, and higher on average than our target of three streams each week
  • Lately, we have been working on a single track, streaming its creation start-to-finish, titled “Oú Est-que Vous Voudriez Boire” (French for “Where would you like to drink?”) — a bit of an obnoxious number, but hopefully catchy and groovy
  • We’ll continue to ramp up the intensity here, and look for more music performance streaming coming soon

What’s next?

The idea behind building a habit to write every morning is simple — get better at writing. Writing is something I’ve done a lot over the years, but not in a while have I had a routine that helps me improve everyday. Writing is an important component of what I’m working to accomplish, so improving everyday is key.

And the impetus to stream music production work in Ableton Live a few nights a week is simple too — get better at producing dance music.

Why do these 2 things publicly, instead of in private? Well, over the years I’ve heard that people enjoy my music, and that I should share it with the world. So that is what I decided to do last year in 2016 — and I have been working at it continually since.

Looking forward to what 2017 brings.

Until next time,


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