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Moving the Meter Ep. 63

I’m not even sure what we got into tonight, but I know it was fun. We put about 55 minutes into it, and ended up coming out with the foundation of a new 150 bpm track. Nice hard-driving rhythm, some cool glitched out bongos, and a bass part that is sure to get your head knocking. Excited to continuing building this one out and getting to an initial arrangement. Until next time..  

Moving the Meter Ep. 62

Tonight we looked at how to play a halftime shuffle. I think this will be interesting for all you drum programmers and drum players out there. We go over some general concepts, as well as how to spice things up a bit with some ghost notes and whatnot. Watch this space for a whole road case full of more shuffle drum tutorial videos =D Until next time..  

Moving the Meter Ep. 61

Ah yes, the skank beat. Loved by metalheads, punks, and thrashers the world over. Not so much by your grandparents, or your square friend who l-o-v-e-s Coldplay or other such driv. But in any case, if you’re on you obviously have good taste in music and enjoy a good skank now and again. A quick rundown of some of the skank beat variations we cover in this stream: Skank beat D beat Giddy-up skank Power metal beat Down skank Also ran

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2 Tricks to Program More Realistic Hi Hats

Here are two tricks to help you program more realistic sounding hi hats. Pretty simple when it comes down to it: Alter your velocity Apply randomization Just these 2 things will help liven up your hats and give them a more human feel. Let me know how it worked for you. If you have an A/B listening example definitely send it to me and I’ll include it on this post. Until next time..  

Moving the Meter Ep. 59

Drum Programming, oh yeah. Let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it. Overall this stream is actually kinda shot, but whatever we’ll go w/ it. Until next time..

Moving the Meter Ep. 58

Had an interesting stream tonight. Got into it for a quick one, before heading to California tmrw for the week. Hope you guys enjoyed. Until next time..  

Moving the Meter Ep. 57

Had some fun drum programming last night. We started a new little thing thing w/ Superior Drummer 3 and some percussion loops we glitched out. Check it..

Drum Programming

Here is a collection of some of the drum programming tutorials I’ve done so far. Expect a lot more to come! And let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see in the comments in terms of how to program more realistic sounding drum parts. Enjoy…